Qualidade Sanphar Committed to our rigorous quality control system that complies with the rigid record of  Good Manufacturing Practices (BPF standing for Boas Práticas de Fabricação in Portuguese), our employees are regularly trained and on the cutting edge to combat and prevent microbiological, physical or chemical transmission or any cross production contamination. Our company provides the customer products of high quality that meet the standards and requirements of identity, purity and safety.

The company's new industrial facilities are designed to maximize the flow of control, hygiene, safety, quality and productivity. The facility is divided in 4 distinct and isolated manufacturing structures. For the production of nutritional additives, disinfectants / ectoparasiticides, antibiotics / chemotherapy / endoparasiticides and penicillanic. The antibiotic / chemotherapy / endoparasiticides unit has 6 isolated producing cells with independent air filters providing greater security avoiding any cross-contamination risks.

All materials including raw materials are purchased only from suppliers that were previously approved and certified.

Upon receipt of any product a survey is conducted of its packaging, identification and sampling. Then the product is destined to quarantine, only to be released for the use after a laboratory examination and approval by Quality Assurance always following the rule "first come first served" and "who wins the first, leaves first." Laboratory tests are conducted in a high quality control environment with modern equipment such as HPLC (Liquid High Pressure Chromatograph) and NIR (Near Infra Red), ensuring security and accuracy.

In the production, the quality control acts in overseeing the methodologies of manufacturing, hygiene, cleaning, sampling procedures and analyses, inspecting the critical points of processes through records that allow full traceability during the production. For each produced part there are 4 samples collected, 1 is sent for analysis and the other 3 taken away for up to 1 year after the expiration date (of the stated period of validity of the minimum durability) along with the records of production.

All the manufactured products are placed in quarentine and approved for commercialization only after laboratorial analysis and the approval of Quality Control.
Sanphar is also committed to its enviromental security and awareness which is, it adopts the concept to use water of excellent quality, giving a correct ecologically destination for its residues. It hinders the development and entrance of plagues through appropriate processes, preventing cross contaminations and facilitating the cleaning processes.

Our main goal is to get the total satisfaction of the customer through the conformity of the processes and products inside the norms of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).